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Two Boundaries to Never Slide on in Your Pilates Teaching Business

I will never ever ever teach at 6am. Or earlier. Ever. Sorry guys. Don’t ask.

Why? Because I believe at my core that you should be in bed until it’s daylight outside. I am fully aware that I live in the northern hemisphere, so I know that it is a bit of an unrealistic worldview given my current latitude, so I compromise with a few early morning clients here and there. But, I know that I am not 100% at my best in the early mornings, so I choose not to try to be an early morning teacher for the sake of the people who take Pilates with me.

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One Conscious Shift for Better Client Retention

In this week’s blog, I talk about the single shift I made in my sessions that boosted my client retention by a thousand percent, and made me happier too!

Maybe a thousand percent is an exaggeration, but it feels like it is so. To be honest, I haven’t actually done the hard math, but I know I haven’t had a client move off of my schedule since last fall unless they actually moved out of the state. But before I get ahead of myself, let’s backtrack to before then for some context.

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Pilates Teacher Self-Care part 2 + resilience

One day in college, one of my professors asked us all to bring something to class that inspired us for show and tell (Yes, I had show and tell in college, gimme a break, I was a dance major, ok?). While at the time I didn’t put much thought into it, and just brought a picture of my favorite dance company, a classmate brought her journal from middle school.

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The Value of an Infinite Goal- Becoming a Better Pilates Teacher

The first day I started teaching Pilates, I asked myself one question: How can I be the best at teaching this amazing method?

I am the first to admit that I am competitive by nature, and a recovering perfectionist, so as a new apprentice busting-ass to be the best Pilates teacher in the world, that quickly spiraled into a lot of self loathing and feelings of inadequacy.

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