The  Pilates Happy Hour

Instagram Challenge

What is it?

The Pilates Happy Hour IG challenge is a coordinated social media campaign, where Pilates teachers across the globe will share their experiences with their followers and other participants.

How does it work?

After signing up, all participants will receive a posting calendar of 45 dated posting topics designed specifically for Pilates Teachers. The posting calendar will also include my favorite gram hacks, tips and tricks, and best practices for getting your social on.

That means you will have a road map of one social media post per week for almost an entire year. Woah, that’s awesome!


Each post will help you tell your story to your followers in an authentic and behind the scenes way that will help them get to know you, your brand, and in turn, build trust and good will towards you, their Pilates Teacher!


You won’t be posting alone. Every Pilates teaching participant will have the same prompts and will be posting simultaneously with you, so you will have the option to read about their experiences and interact with them throughout the challenge. You will get to know your fellow Pilates teachers (hence “Pilates Happy Hour”)!


There will be prizes involved for participants. Although gaining an amazing IG community will be the best prize, sponsors will be revealed along with official rules on February 10th.

When does it start?

The first post will be Monday, February 11th and every Monday thereafter until December 16th.

I will host an IG LIVE kickoff event @Terriell_Teaches_Pilates on Sunday Feb 10th at 8pm EST

Posting Calendars will be sent out on February 3rd, so you can plan your first posts ahead of time.

If you miss the start date, never fear! You can always jump right in where the rest of us are, and double up on what you’ve missed.

How do I sign up?

Enter your info on the form below to receive the PHH posting calendar straight to your inbox:

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Got questions? I have answers.

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